With the intention of collecting dialogue surrounding art-making, history and the future of oil Trading Routes has sought out the voices and opinions of artists, elders, teachers, museum curators and various cultural workers — among other interesting perspectives. These voices come from the communities who are closest to these issues — both aboriginal and non-aboriginal — living primarily in the pacific northwest. In these intimate conversations positions overlap and converge, demonstrating interesting and informed perspectives during times of change.

- Ruth, Kit, Jill, Tomas, and J.P. -

Eden Robinson

Writer and activist Eden Robinson talks about the LNG project in Kitimat and harnessing art to give voice to communities.

Gerald Amos

Haisla elder and environmental activist talks about oolichan runs, reconciliation between government and native people and community connection to the land.

Peter von Tiesenhausen

Artist and environmental activist Peter von Tiesenhausen talks about his transition from working in extraction industries to becoming an artist and his land as art.

Manny Arruda

Emergency responder Manny Arruda talks about living in Kitimat, oil spills and his thoughts on the spill response proposal from Enbridge.

Tony Gellard

Artist and environmental activist Tony Gellard talks about fabrication, tankers and the environment.

Kitimat Valley Institute

Interim president of the Kitimat Valley Institute Sherrie Little and business developer Jodie Cook talk employment and the ‘popping’ and revival of Kitimat’s economic bubble.

Bruce Hill

Activists Anne and Bruce Hill talks about the headwaters project, class/race dynamics and the binding of communities through environmental hardship.

Krista Belle Stewart

Artist Krista Belle Stewart talks about the story of her mother Seraphine, her residencies at both Nisga’a Museum, Western Front and her work at CAG.

Bruce Hill

Activist Bruce Hill talks about resource communities and successful conservation efforts.

Richard Wright

Gitxsan environmental activist Richard Wright talks about the proposed LNG pipeline, intersecting waterways and the impact of pipelines on fishing.

Katherin Johnsen

Teachers Katherine Johnsen and Emily Toews talk art, environment and community change in Kitimat.

Singers & Songwriters of Terrace, B.C.

Protest singers gather around the environment, making music and talk about being playfully but helpfully: ‘meddlesome’.

Cecilia Adams

Gitxsan carver Cecilia Adams talks carving, North West Coast art, politics and values.

Randy Adams

Gitxsan carver Randy Adams talks about pipelines and the artists connection to the land.

Darrin Martens

Curator Darrin Martens talks about his role as director of the Nisga’a Museum and engaging community.

Teresa Windsor

Teresa Windsor talks about oolichan grease, employment and the crowding of the Douglas channel.

Kitimat Musuem

Curator Louise Avery talks about polarized arguments, critical thinking and surrounding an issue with artwork and cultural material.

Sarah Dutt

Maori artist and educator Sarah Dutt talks about land, identity and the effect of colonization and urbanization on land and people.

Danielle Larsen

Artist Danielle Larsen talks about her paintings, traditional food and their connection to identity.